«Legends of the estate of Bravda»

«Legends of the estate of Bravda»

Tour program: 1 day

The Middle Ages is a legendary period. This is a time of valiant feats, tournaments, nobility, chivalry, sonnets and, of course, beautiful ladies. We are used to studying history only with the help of textbooks in school classes. But today is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Middle ages while traveling in the Tourist and Wellness complex «Orsha».

Tour program:

You arrive at the square near the Jesuit College in Orsha and meet with a guide. This is a city tour, during which you will see the unique architectural sights of Orsha: Kuteinsky Epiphany Monastery, where in 1631 the printer Spiridon Sobol released the first «Primer» in Belarusian, St. Ilyinsky church, St. Assumption Monastery and Jesuit College, which in the XVII century was the center of education. Now here is the city gallery of V.A. Gromyko. He was a painter, people's Apartist of Belarus, honored worker of culture of Poland, honorary academician of the National Academy of sciences of Belarus, professor of painting, an active participant in the partisan movement, holder of orders of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, Red Star, medals «For Courage», «Partisan of the Patriotic War» 1st level. You will also see other churches located in the city of Orsha, including the Church of St. Joseph, preserved buildings that served as monasteries of the Franciscans, Basilians, Bernardines, Trinitarians, etc., the birthplace of the city at the confluence of the Dnieper and Orshitsa rivers, where the construction of the Grand Orsha castle was started, from where beautiful view of the city opens.

Moving to the Tourist and Wellness complex «Orsha».

  • Here you will find real emotions:exciting knight fights with medieval music;
  • theatrical performance;
  • medieval rites and dances;
  • entertainment: holding the sword, horn of knights, fights of the bull;
  • knighting;
  • photo zone «Knights in armor»;
  • photo zone «Hangman» (shackles, pads, axes, tongs, whip, etc.);
  • «burning the witch»
  • Medieval meal;
  • Fire show.

All this will give you a bright impression, a charge of energy and leave the warmest memories.

Tour price: for a group for 40 people per 1 person from 40,00 BYN / 1300 RUS.

The price of the tour includes: the work of a guide, a theatrical performance by a group of animators, medieval meal: Belarusian zrazy, kulesh, pickles, brisoli, horseradish; dance and competition programs with special effects, photo zone, fire show.

Additional charges: transport services, entrance tickets to the museum, health and beauty treatment, salt cave, table tennis, billiards, passage along the rope park routes, pneumatic and dynamic shooting gallery, a Russian wood-burning sauna, accommodation.

Contact phones: +375 29 817-81-52; +375 33 612-10-26


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