Rope park

Rope park

Invites you to plunge into the world of drive, outdoor activities and extreme adventures in nature.

Rope park is a unique simulator consisting of platforms fixed on trees, between which are located complexes of various obstacles at a height of 2-8 meters above ground level, located in a forest area on the territory of the Tourist and Wellness complex “Orsha”.

Rope Park is an active, healthy, extreme recreation filled with drive for anyone with minimal physical training, as well as for more prepared people and athletes who will not remain indifferent to our extreme level.

A rope park is an opportunity to test your strength and endurance, you can learn to overcome a sense of fear and fear of heights.

Rope park is an opportunity for an original family, corporate vacation, as well as for strength training. The rope park is a safe vacation, which is given great attention (experienced instructors, special equipment, a continuous insurance system) in compliance with all international standards.

Visitors are offered to complete three levels!


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